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We not only offer products but also turnkey services. Our specialists know exactly which solutions are best suited to you in order to integrate the best of technology into your business, for the benefit of your employees and your customers. Making the right choice will also save you time and money, whether for your lighting, your conferencing and collaboration systems, or your telecommunications. You've come to the right place!

Solutions for the public sector

From primary to university

We believe that audiovisual and technology play an indispensable role in modern education: they improve student learning and motivation, increase participation, promote cognitive development and facilitate the work of the student. teacher. This is why we are proud to offer all the systems and technologies required, in classrooms or in auditoriums for example, for a distinctive and mobilizing experience.

Public organizations

Whether from a legal, safety or health point of view, it is essential that these bodies are equipped with proven technologies. To help you achieve your mission and provide your establishments with adequate solutions for collaboration, communication or simply audio systems, Studio Viau offers a wide range of products and systems that will contribute to your planning and your productivity.

Cities and municipalities

The town hall is the heart of a city where important exchanges take place. It is a strategic establishment that reflects the community it represents, in addition to welcoming various well-known guests from other regions. Great moments take place there and to ensure their success, technological and audiovisual perfection must be at the rendezvous! You will be well served in this regard at Studio Viau since our teams frequently integrate several technologies into this type of establishment with multiple functions.

Training centers and conference rooms

We have deployed multiple projects with specific requirements in vocational training centers, laboratories, and other places of learning with very specific needs. Our expertise is based on the ability to offer technologies adapted to any learning environment in addition to ensuring an impeccable installation!

Services for the public sector

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Our technicians hold the industry's top certifications, such as Cisco CCNP

Our work is guaranteed flawless, trouble-free for 5 years

We offer temporary equipment rental if equipment breaks

We thoroughly assess your unique business needs and provide carefully crafted, custom solutions< /p>

Best value for money on the market (according to our customers!)

Financing available from several banks and lenders, best rate guaranteed!

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