Our solutions enable businesses like yours avoid costly IT disasters

Remote IT Support

Help on the use of software to avoid wasting time related to: “how to do that again..?”

Remote desktop bug fixes

Network Troubleshooting

Programming automations to make repetitive tasks automatic via Power Automate

We are Cisco and Microsoft certified

We document all our work and you get a copy of all our work

A solid and experienced team to encourage productivity

Studio Viau is the partner of choice for all your technical support needs on site or remotely, for all your technological or technical devices, on site or remotely, everywhere in the world. Our technicians for sound, lighting, video, IT, networks, servers, computers and more are experts in their fields and will be able to answer questions and solve the problems of your users. We offer this service à la carte and/or on the basis of monthly packages in order to guarantee availability and/or better service times.

Our trained technicians can help you with:

Computer problems (travel included!) and computer rental offer during the repair of defective ones;

Problems or questions about simple and complex software or network problems, remote connection, etc;

Cybersecurity, network monitoring, and more;

The hosting, configuration, installation, commissioning of computers and/or servers;

Our customers who have enjoyed success with us

🏦 How much does it cost...

💵 If you ride with technical problems, it can be expensive... 💵

An unproductive employee (outdated or malfunctioning computer): 20% of the annual salary

Data loss (no backup, for example): From $5k to $80k

A one-day IT outage: From $5k to $80k

A cybersecurity breach that causes all your data to be lost: The complete value of the company

💀🏴‍☠️Scenario already experienced:

A company of 35 employees had been running a Windows Server 2011 for Small Business enterprise system for 10 years with computers running Windows 7 and Windows 10. Unfortunately, even with the latest version of Windows on some workstations, Windows Server 2011 and Windows 7 having major flaws, their network was hacked and all company data was copied. All this was done since the company was working on a single network, with the router of their Internet service provider. The hackers managed to enter through Wi-Fi, whose password was composed only of numbers and only protected in WEP, then with an ARP attack, they were able to redirect all the traffic on their computer and recover thousands of files that transacted in the network including an Excel file on which the company saved all their banking, insurance and other passwords.

The company was able to recover, but lost 2 months of sales, nearly $100,000 in revenue and a disastrous loss of reputation. In the process, nearly 10 employees resigned. They hadn't put money into their computer system for 4 years, and their former IT service provider had never notified them of any problems, made any updates or documented any all the work done. We had to start from almost zero.

🚩 Some RED FLAGS 🚩

If you have some of these red flags, you may need to change your IT team, or educate your internal team if you have one (we offer training for companies that have an internal team😉 )

🚩 You have no map of your network (physical or logical)

🚩 You don't know exactly what software is running on your/your server

🚩 You don't have a list of the software licenses your company uses, nor their renewal date or expiry date

🚩 You have no documentation of what work was done, when, how, by whom in your IT infrastructure

🚩 You have no user login history

🚩 You have no notification in case of +3 unsuccessful login attempts

🚩 You have no blocking in case of too many unsuccessful login attempts

🚩 You don't know if everything that happens in your network is encrypted

🚩 You don't know where your data is stored

🚩 You don't know which data is important and which is not

🚩 You don't know who (which natural person) has access to your data

🚩 You do not have a confidentiality agreement with your IT supplier and/or natural person accessing your systems

🚩 Your IT supplier/technician(s) does not work on your systems every week

🚩 You have no monitoring on your systems or a notification system in the event of a breakdown or error

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