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Our event experts are event designers, sound engineers, lighting technicians, cameramen, directors and everyone else who is dedicated to your project. Our team of experts will guide you from A to Z in the planning, coordination and execution of your event. We have the expertise and the required equipment! Sound, lights, video, technologies and more!

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the peace of mind you need to carry out your projects.

Leader in audiovisual and

Full expertise: audio, video, lighting, rigging, conferencing and
collaboration, and more!

2015: The beginnings

Studio Viau, a company that was born in 2015 began by offering quality recording studios at an excellent price for local artists and up-and-coming musicians. Our mission has always been to encourage the next generation of artists in music, humor and all other forms of art in Quebec, and especially French-speaking.

2017: Opening of the technology section

In 2017, the company believes and offers sound, lighting, video services and begins the design of custom audiovisual equipment. The company moves from the founder's house to premises it rents in Saint-Charles-Borromée.

2019: The company is growing

In 2019 the growth of Studio Viau continues with various partnerships with several artists and begins to manage careers for various local and emerging artists.


Now 6 years old, Studio Viau continues to grow with the development of its subsidiary JetCode, a company specializing in IT, custom software development for various sectors and creating its own software for virtual shows and events: Virtual Event.ca Today, we offer various event services beyond audiovisual and turnkey event organization such as: event marketing, event technology creation, event business digitization, and more.


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