A GRAAAAAND addition for businesses or public places!

Whether in public places or in businesses, from airports to bus and train terminals, restaurant menus and signage in shopping malls, digital signage and video walls are invaluable audiovisual communication tools. We have everything you need: interactive screens for your advertising and display screens to broadcast essential information in real time.

Our team knows how to maximize the versatility and flexibility of these ever-changing media. Our team will work with you to determine screen size, technical equipment, distance between the audience and the screen, indoor and outdoor settings, as well as structure and location. Our many years of experience drive us to ask the right questions to ensure an exceptional customer experience.

Turnkey digital signage solutions

Several reasons to work with us!

Turnkey professional service

Service and technical support available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

Our technicians hold the industry's top certifications, such as Cisco CCNP

Our work is guaranteed flawless, trouble-free for 5 years

We offer temporary equipment rental if equipment breaks

We thoroughly assess your unique business needs and provide carefully crafted, custom solutions to optimize your display.

Best value for money on the market (according to our customers!)

Financing available from several banks and lenders, best rate guaranteed!

Contact us!

Ready to take the leap? Get in touch with us and let's start the discussion!

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studio viau grand montréal studio viau boucherville studio viau longueuil studio viau lanoraie studio viau lavaltrie studio viau crabtree studio viau saint-thomas studio viau saint-paul studio viau l'épiphanie studio viau l'assomption studio viau mascouche studio viau terrebonne studio viau laval studio viau brossard studio viau saint-bruno-de-montarville studio viau boucherville studio viau à domicile studio viau candiac studio viau la prairie studio viau saint-constant studio viau repentigny studio viau berthierville studio viau maskinongé studio viau yamachiche studio viau rawdon studio viau saint-côme studio viau saint-calixte studio viau sainte-julienne studio viau sainte-sophie studio viau sainte-anne-des-plaines studio viau saint-jérôme studio viau mirabel studio viau boisbriand studio viau saint-eustache studio viau vaudreuil studio viau dorion studio viau vaudreuil-dorion studio viau dorval studio viau st-jean-de-matha studio viau matha studio viau verchères studio viau sorel studio viau tracy studio viau sorel-tracy studio viau yamaska studio viau chambly studio viau beloeil


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